I am Megg, and I freaking love books. I love everything about books, writing them, reading them, and editing them. I am passionate about a service I call book coaching (which may seem rather vague and mystify you slightly). I’m going to confuse you more now, book coaching is whatever the client needs, SAY WHAT? What does that even mean? Well, I love helping with every process of writing. I love the nuts and bolts of writing and working from scratch with writers throughout the process of writing a book. I am not an editor that waits for your manuscript to arrive and then edit it (even though, I do this for some clients). I am an editor that works with my clients every step of the way. There is a lot of noise out there about the “right” way to do things and what every writer needs but what I love to focus on is my actual client’s needs. I love working out client-specific programs that fit into what they need.