outline developmentDo you need help with your novel’s plot? Do you have a stack of sticky notes lying strewn upon your desk? Do you have a complete outline but you need a second eye?

During the concept / outline development process, we work together to ensure you have fully rounded characters, a strong story, and a plan for your writing.

Not all writers work from an outline, but having an outline can save you a great deal during the editing process and it can help prevent a sloppy first draft.

This service can also be used by writers who have already completed their first drafts. I can help you convert your draft into an outline and I can give you feedback on the outline without having to read the whole novel.

Why choose concept / outline development?

By having a second pair of eyes brainstorm ideas with you, your outline and novel concept will feel cemented. Together we work on creating a strong story with unique characters. When your story concept is strong the writing process is made a lot easier and you’ll save yourself time on writing, avoid writers’ block, and you’ll save money on editing too.

What is not included in the concept development?

I do not edit your book. This is a massive brainstorm session together where we plot, plan, and fit all your novel’s puzzle pieces together.


COST: Between $150-$250 / R1500-R2500 


Please read my New Client Guide before booking.

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