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At Megg & Co. we offer a variety of editing services. If you’re unsure as to which service will be best suited to your needs just pop me a quick email and we can chat (seriously, don’t be shy!).

Which editing service does your novel need?

Manuscript Critique

Focuses on the “BIG PICTURE” of your novel. I focus on the story, the characters, and the content. At the end, you receive an editor’s memo and you’ll know exactly what you need to revise to get your novel ready for editing.

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Developmental Edit

Focuses on the “BIG PICTURE”. In both a manuscript critique and a developmental edit I focus on the story, the characters, and the content.

Developmental edits include everything the manuscript critique does (editor’s memo) but I also include more in-depth assessments of each chapter, margin notes, timelines, and a style sheet.

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Book Coaching

Book coaching is a highly personalized service. I charge an hourly rate or a monthly fee for book coaching. I offer unlimited email support. While results differ from writer to writer, book coaching is a way to make immediate progress with your writing.

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Concept/outline Development

Do you need help with your story outline/plot/development? Are you stuck? Or maybe you just need another set of eyes?

Concept development is also for authors who have finished their manuscript and converted it to an outline. This is a great way for me to have a look at the story and providing feedback without reading the entire novel.

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Manuscript Editing

If you are interested in manuscript editing then this is the service for you. This is a combined line and copy edit.

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Are you happy with your completed manuscript? Is it practically perfect? Are you ready to send it out into the world? Then this is the perfect choice for you.

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You can send your request to hello@megg.co

Due to the number of inquiries I receive, it often takes one to three weeks to respond to booking requests. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you’re worried I didn’t get your request or if you have a deadline (from an agent, publisher, contest, etc.) please send me an email. Thanks!